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Version: Mobile Version 1.5

Planner Scheduler Introduction

This material shows how the user can create plan and publications for work orders. When the user has a number of similar work orders and in executions established by date, he can use this functionality.


For an order to exist, it is necessary that the planner enters data about the maintenance action to be carried out.

For this process, you need to click on “Plan Data".

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When you click, this is the screen that will be appear:

Sequor Platforma Site

If you have an existing plan and need to edit it, click on the check box Sequor Platforma Site and click on the button and edit the plan. If you want to enter a new plan, click on the button (add).

Creating a plan

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In the , the plan number and its description must be inserted.

After, click on .

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Select the start and end date of the plan over time.

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On Repeat, select frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). On Repeat Definitions, select how many times do you want to repeat. Save the plan on button.

Publishing the plan

After creating the plan, you can publish it. The publication has the function of using orders and operations already created, facilitating the creation of work orders and the management of information.

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When clicking on publish plan, the first screen that appears is the header data.

Sequor Platforma Site Create the Publication Name and select the already created plan on button.

Sequor Platforma Site Select order on button. It is possible to name using numerical sequence.

Sequor Platforma Site After, click on , you can modify the recurrences as needed.

Sequor Platforma Site Selecting items:

In this session it is possible to choose the equipment that have similar orders.
It is possible to list numerous equipment and numerous work orders with their operations.

Sequor Platforma Site If you have equipment that has a different order of damis, it is possible to change it as needed.
If you have equipment with a different order, you can change it as needed.

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Checking the creation of orders

To check if the orders were created, just go to "order editing".

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The quantity of orders will be created according to the established number.

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Order Header Data

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Equipment Header Data

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Order Operation TaskList Header

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