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Version: Mobile Version 1.5

Mobile Configuration

How get the mobile application

The Multichannel application is available in Android and IOS smartphones and tablets devices.

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Steps to configure your smartphone:

  • Download the apk file here

  • Accept unknown sources on security settings.

Sequor Platforma Site

  • Install the apk file inside your device

To enter in the application on Sequor demonstration server, use as login without password.
The language of the application will be automatically configured by the language of your phone (only for Franch, English and Portuguese)!!!

Sequor Platforma Site



The visual interaction of maps is available only for IOS devices.
To use this feature on Android devices, only when released on Google play store.



Some devices could has a touchable ripple delay because your operational software.
What's a ripple ????
A wrapper for views that should respond to touches. Provides a material "ink ripple" interaction effect for supported platforms (>= Android Lollipop). On unsupported platforms, it falls back to a highlight effect.

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