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Version: Mobile Version 1.5


This material shows how the user can create dashboards, based on data obtained and registered on the MTC platform.

Create a Dashboard

Just choose which analysis field you want to analyze by clicking on the tiles.

When you click, this is the screen that will be appear:

Sequor Platforma Site

Sequor Platforma Site

To access or edit a dashboard, just click and then .

Sequor Platforma Site

A box will open on the side where the dashboard will be created, enter the title and then click on the button .

Sequor Platforma Site

After this process, the name of the dashboard will automatically appear. By clicking on the check box, you will have the option to delete , edit and view the dashboard.

Creating Graphics (dashboard):

Click in

Sequor Platforma Site

There are several options for creating charts and composing the dashboard. An example will be made to clarify further.

Sequor Platforma Site

The example adopted is a "pizza" chart. Click on the button and then drag to the dashboard. Click on the button . The options area will appear in order to create the chart as needed, , and .

The graphic will appear automatically. Create more than one chart in the dashboard composition.