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Version: Mobile Version 2.0

Sequor MTC (Maintenance Total Control)

The Sequor MTC is one of modules of Sequor MTC Platform, that works as a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) solution.

Sequor Platforma Site
Capable of providing high performance in the management and execution of maintenance processes, Sequor MTC was built in compliance with ISA 95, to optimize the consumption and control of all maintenance elements: materials, inventory, tool, vehicles, tasks and people.

Sequor Platforma Site
MTC is responsible for managing all service management and management processes, from planning, execution, controls and management reports. Optimizing your team's performance and making maintenance protagonist in your business strategy. Sequor Platforma Site

Why use it?

Raise performance in the management and execution of your maintenance processes! Sequor MTC is designed and developed meeting the main requirements of the market, as well as based on the concepts of ISA 95 (international standard provided by the International Society of Automation), which defines best practices for integration of MOM (Manafactuting Operations Management) systems . Sequor MTC optimizes control of all maintenance elements: materials, inventory, tool, vehicles, tasks and people.

What are the main gains and improvements in the process?

  • improved Resource Management and Maintenance Costs.
  • Improvement in the main KPIs in the area (Machine Availability, MTBF, MTTR...).
  • Improvement in the team's Technical Skills through the knowledge base generated by the History and Execution of Orders.
  • Improvement in Productivity .
  • Improvement of the team's Communication process from planning to execution, in a flow of Continuous Improvement.

What are the system elements?

Master Data

Functional Location

Functional location is an element that contextualizes other records. Its main features are geolocation with latitude, longitude and altitude coordinates to provide spatial points in digital maps. It is also widely used in the logical organizational context, where the functional location contains the structure of the sections and provides information on which node the feature is linked.


WorkCenter is a classification that allows division into work centers for better identification and allocation of resources that have similar costs, characteristics and functions in the process.


Equipment management is a business area that provides information for various MOM (Manafactuting Operations Management) processes. Some examples are:

  • Equipment entry
  • Physical characteristics
  • Equipment availability and reliability
  • Equipment work order history
  • Provides information for WMS, CMMS e MES work orders.


Materials management is the business area that provides data to other Sequor Platform apps, within the contexts of MOM (Manufactuting Operations Management). Some examples are:

  • material registration
  • Material characteristics and behaviors
  • Provides data for WMS, CMMS and MES moves
  • Processes the consumption of material called by the CMMS and MES systems
  • Process the inventory
  • Process the stock position


Personnel management is a system discipline that organizes professionals (teams) groups according to the characteristics required for each type of activity or function. We can group electricians, mechanics, analysts into specific groups and then allocate them in the planning of orders.

Work Order

Work Order is a manufacturing document, which is responsible for specifying the conditions to execute something. Work orders are classified into:

  • Service order (used in Maintenance or Service Management process)
  • Production order (used in the Manufacturing process)
  • Inspection Order (used in the Quality process)
  • Transfer order (used in the Logistics process)

Different types of order have particular behaviors, but the structure is always the same. but why ??? This is because these business areas are naturally similar. So much that: Maintenance, Manufacturing, quality and logistics are the four pillars of the ISA 95 standard (International standard provided by the International Society of Automation).

Service orders are composed of blocks of information:

Order Planning

Creation of OW

It is the app to create and complete new orders. By clicking on the “OS Creation” icon, you enter the grid/list mode and you can view all registers of created orders, create a new order and perform editing actions in addition to others available on the toolbar.

Edit WO

It is the app to edit, update and complete the orders already open. By clicking on the "Edit OS" icon, you enter the grid/list mode and you can view all records of orders created and perform editing actions and others available on the toolbar.

Release WO

Release the is the application responsible for downloading Master Data records, changing an order status and sending service orders to Sequor Mobile. Master Data records such as material, labor and equipment is required to download because the application works offline and after downloading, the user can perform the entire process without internet.

Sync Files

Sync files is the MTC service to import .xls template through the process it is possible to upload files and load external records to the system, making it easy and flexible to support a wide range of possibilities.

MTC Basic Flowchart

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