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Sequor 3D Explorer

what is it?

The Sequor 3D Explorer is a Digital Twin application in line with the I4.0 Industry 4.0 fundamentals. It virtualizes the physical environment as detailed as required by the customer and link it with the real sensing and signals of the process through Sequor IoT Hub, generating value to the operation.

Sequor Platforma Site

With the Sequor 3D Explorer you will empower your operations by monitoring it in real time in a realistic environment bring your processes to another level.

Sequor Platforma Site

why to use

The Sequor 3D Explorer was developed as an important I4.0 pilar to provide the virtualization of the processes at the same time the IoT is connected to them. At this way we add value as:

  • Virtualization of the Physical environment
  • Simulation and Analysis optimization by real signals from physical
  • The first step to reach the VR Virtual Reality and AR Augmented Reality
  • Optimizes the and faster the NPI – New Product Introduction process
  • Optmizes the remote monitoring of the processes by the digital twin environment
  • Optmizes the trainnings by the Cinematic and Animation features that allow to navigate as “Walk through” simulating hard and harzardous paths to perform in the real environmet, ex.: fire escape route