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Version: Mobile Version 2.0

Beginning on IOTHub

What you willl see when starting for the first time on IoTHub it is a clean screen with a single tile calling for “Insert the first IoT Tile”, like that


Adding the first IoT Tile

You need to Push tile “Insert First Tile” or use the ListView button, on Main Header, to open the List View menu. On ListView menu you will two expansively options:

EDGE list
Device lis


Expanse the Device List menu

How shown in the next image, with Device List expanded you are ready to choose which Device and its signals you want to become in tiles on the home of IoTHub, choosing through checkboxes on the list.


Change group of the Tile

To change the group of a tile click on the Tile you want to change group


after click on and in MOVE TO, on the left side of screen a menu will appear


click on to the group you want the tile to go to.

Afet choose click in